Good News …….the platform search has ended!

Before choosing a platform we knew that we needed to consider the following:

  • Cost
  • Ease of use
  • Tried and tested
  • Appearance (look and feel)
  • The ability to integrate with NILE

In addition to the above we were aware of the need to consider the pedagogical principle to develop OER’s.  The following was a useful of resource: Choosing An Online Learning Platform: Which Makes Sense? This blog was very informative!

In choosing an appropriate platform we liaised with Anne Misselbrook to discuss our vision. After much consideration Anne helped us find a student, staff, NILE friendly platform to accommodate our workbooks.


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Watch this space……

To OER or not to OER…..

Producing an OER challenges our professional confidence because the work is out there for all to scrutinise and review. Once we got over that hurdle, we were ready to create teaching and learning materials as part of a bigger OER community, acknowledging that it is a two way process. This process has enabled us to access other OERs to enhance and develop our workbooks. The access and evaluation of existing OERs is helping us to benchmark the quality and standards of our own. We hope to share our final products …… watch this space!!!


A late start but here goes….

We have embarked on an ambitious project to develop Open Educational Resources (OERs) to enhance and support Team Based Learning related to Research methods.

Previously the BSc Occupational Therapy programme at the University of Northampton trialled Team based Learning (TBL) in a level 4 module. Following a successful pilot, TBL was introduced at level 5 within the research methods module. Online Workbooks were developed as word documents to direct the learning of the main research methodologies e.g. quantitative research. Having shared the workbooks with different subject groups, the next stage is to develop the workbooks as OERs with the help of learning technologists and academic librarians. The aim is to promote use across the university as research theory is generic to majority of programmes.